• Set the Stage for Home Karaoke

    When you're ready to make the transformation to in-home karaoke,The Singing Machine Home™ is ready for you, on-demand.

    Switch to Singing Machine PLAY mode with an active Wi-Fi connection.

    Follow the instructions to register and get started. Select, sing and share the experience of any song. Any time!

  • Browse our Music Library

    Once your account is set-up, click on PLAY section and start browsing over thousands of HD Karaoke Music Videos.

    You can organize your music in advance, and once your Home wireless speaker is connected, you are ready to PLAY.

    You can also add, delete or alter the order of your playlist either on your computer/tablet or directly through your Home and your television.

  • Singing and Entertaining have never been easier

    Choose from popular genres of music such as pop, rock, country, hip-hop, and R&B. With over 30 categories of music to pick from, there's sure to be something for any singer.

    Search by artist, title and genre each matched to custom HD video backdrops.

  • PlayQueue keeps the party going

    Set up a PlayQueue from Singing Machine Home, or log in to your account from a computer to create a customized playlist.

    Manage account settings, change song order, and edit your playlist - all saved out and ready to go for the next time you connect to Singing Machine Play for solo practice or a karaoke party. Never miss a beat!

  • Double duty Mic-Remote

    Wireless Mic-Remote works double time as both remote control and microphone.

    A few flicks of the optical trackpad controls user interface of Singing Machine Play - instant access to thousands of Hi Def karaoke music videos without missing a beat!

    Pair an additional Mic-Remote for twice the fun singing duets and customizing PQ (Play Queue), no CDGs or music management software required.

  • Free trial!

    Try it before you buy it! With purchase of Singing Machine Home, you get a free 1-month subscription. Simply log in from your television when you connect Home™ and switch to PLAY mode. Set up is easy!

    After your free trial ends, simply choose from one of three convenient options for anyway you karaoke.